Enformak A.Ş., has been established in the year 1980, as a workshop producing spare parts to plastic and elastomer processing industry. A workshop became an innovative and constantly-developing company. It created a technical office, which constantly develops by courtesy of its experienced staff. Cooperation with raw material producers brought experience and knowledge, new technology and design for the technical office, and the ability to generate suitable solutions for the complex problems of customers. From day one, we focused our development power on barrel and screw production. Our aim is to achieve higher wear resistance and longer work life in our products with heat treatment and surface coating variety. To achieve better performance and lower energy consumption by courtesy of design and high processing sensitivity. To become an establishment, which has a corner on the constantly developing and self-renewing international plastic industry market, with our technical staff, quality approach, and technology capacities.


We believe in the importance of contributing to qualified manpower through a modern and ethical human resources policy.

We provide effective solutions to the problems of our customers in order to provide a real and useful solution.

Our team gives you the insight and advice you need for your project.



Enformak A.Ş. was established.

Enformak A.Ş. was established in the year 1980, as a workshop, by Lokman Saraç, Mehmet Mustafa Bölen, and Şerif Meriç. During our initial year, we were carrying our production under primitive conditions. However, we had one crucial advantage, which was a huge compensation. Our founders were among Turkey’s most qualified citizens in their fields. 


Expansion to the world through the very first export.

One year ago, we received our export certificate and it is now time to open up to the world. This year, by exporting goods for the very first time, to Libya, we crossed an important threshold for our company. The adventure, which had started 11 years ago, will now continue on a much larger ground. Along with Turkey, it was also time to grow for us, and to have a voice.


Transition from workshop to factory. Renewal.

The journey, which started 20 years ago, begins to accelerate in the present year. Renewal decision is taken in order to be able to compete with the world in terms of technology, and a new process starts. Now it is time to compete with the world.


The second technology era starts.

We learned how to compete with the world. As of the present year, we have started to put into practice the second technology leap. We deployed our state of the art technology investment, used only by the distinguished producers of the world, at our new production base of 6.000 square meters. With the said investment, which was worth 3 million Euro, our vision reached the global level.


Institutionalization efforts have started.

It is time for change. Now our aim is to embed modern management approach in our organization. This year, we started our institutionalization efforts. We made a deal with a consultancy firm, which acted as a consultant to giant organizations, and which is an expert in its field in Turkey, in order to shape our future. Just like it is the case with production, we are also ready to exceed world standards in terms of our management approach.


We now have a global voice. As of today, our goods are imported to 20+ countries, from the U.S.A to Russia, from Switzerland to the Netherlands, and from Saudi Arabia to Brazil. We will continue to be the most reliable partner of hundreds of workshop and factory all over the world.


The aim is world leadership.

We set a goal, and our goal is to become among the leading firms of the world in the field of barrel-screw on the 100th year of the establishment of the Republic of Turkey. We promise we will wave our flag all over the world in line with this goal.