As Enformak, the key elements of our environmental policy are as follows;

  • To use natural resources in a responsible and efficient manner,
  • To protect non-renewable resources,
  • To prefer renewable and clean energy resources as far as it is possible, during the production process,
  • To save energy,
  • To produce eco-friendly products and to apply eco-friendly production processes at the workplace,
  • To improve the products produced and the production process,
  • To minimize the rate of wastage during production,
  • To use recyclable materials,
  • To use eco-friendly technologies,
  • To be prepared for accidents, and to rehabilitate the damaged environment,
  • To inform suppliers with regard to the subject and to help them in order for the suppliers to take the necessary precautions,
  • To inform the public with regard to health, safety and/or environment-related problems caused by the business,
  • To support the development of accepted environmental audit methods, and to issue necessary reports,
  • To be in cooperation with environmentalist groups,
  • To develop projects with non-governmental organizations,
  • To reduce the wastes emerging due to its activities and to mitigate the damage caused by these wastes, or to establish a treatment facility to ensure the reuse of wastes.


We believe in the importance of contributing to qualified manpower through a modern and ethical human resources policy.

We provide effective solutions to the problems of our customers in order to provide a real and useful solution.

Our team gives you the insight and advice you need for your project.


Conformity to service standards
  • To conduct the services in a manner, which is conform to the determined standards and processes.
  • To give explanatory information to those using the service, with regard to work and processes, and to illuminate the same.
Commitment to Purpose and Mission
  • To act in conformity with the purposes and mission of the company with which business is carried on.
  • To act in line with the nation’s interest, welfare of the society, and service ideals of the company.
Integrity and Objectivity
  • To act in line with the principles of legality, justice, equality, and honesty in acts and transactions.
  • To avoid discrimination based on language, religion, philosophical belief, political thought, race, sex, etc. while performing the tasks and offering services.
  • To avoid any treatment contrary to human rights and freedoms, and also to avoid any restrictive treatment; to avoid any acts and practices, which would hamper equal opportunities.
  • To use discretionary power in line with the requirements of the service, free from any arbitrariness, and in conformity with the principles of objectivity and equality.
  • To avoid any treatment and practices contrary to the principle of equality when dealing with natural or legal persons, by keeping clear from any prioritized, preferential and subjective treatments and practices.
  • To avoid any act aiming the benefit or harm of any political party, person, or group.