Our most important social responsibility principle as Enformak is, to make maximum contribution to the society of the country we live in, and all societies of the world. Contribution to citizens of the country and employees of the industry, oversight of the society’s welfare, acting as a pioneer in order for the society to be educated, and support of education, are just a few indicators of our organization’s social responsibility awareness.


We believe in the importance of contributing to qualified manpower through a modern and ethical human resources policy.

We provide effective solutions to the problems of our customers in order to provide a real and useful solution.

Our team gives you the insight and advice you need for your project.


Conformity to service standards
  • To conduct the services in a manner, which is conform to the determined standards and processes.
  • To give explanatory information to those using the service, with regard to work and processes, and to illuminate the same.
Commitment to Purpose and Mission
  • To act in conformity with the purposes and mission of the company with which business is carried on.
  • To act in line with the nation’s interest, welfare of the society, and service ideals of the company.
Integrity and Objectivity
  • To act in line with the principles of legality, justice, equality, and honesty in acts and transactions.
  • To avoid discrimination based on language, religion, philosophical belief, political thought, race, sex, etc. while performing the tasks and offering services.
  • To avoid any treatment contrary to human rights and freedoms, and also to avoid any restrictive treatment; to avoid any acts and practices, which would hamper equal opportunities.
  • To use discretionary power in line with the requirements of the service, free from any arbitrariness, and in conformity with the principles of objectivity and equality.
  • To avoid any treatment and practices contrary to the principle of equality when dealing with natural or legal persons, by keeping clear from any prioritized, preferential and subjective treatments and practices.
  • To avoid any act aiming the benefit or harm of any political party, person, or group.