(Barrier) Screws

Some types of polymers struggle to melt, or a higher quality melt is needed in their processing. We producer Barrier and Maillefer type screws to prevent the occurrence of such problems and to achieve a better melt quality. Barrier pitch screws orient polymer to two different channels during processing: melt and solid phase; they also force polymer to skip a narrow gap, which leads to the obtainment of a faster and more efficient melt. The relevant phenomenon allows the material to melt quickly and to mix in a dispersive manner. When barrier pitch screws are used with groove barrels, capacities 30 to 60% higher than traditional screw and barrel designs are achieved.

Advantages provided to you by barrier type screws,

Fixed and high output efficiency when compared with traditional three-zone screws

Better melt quality and lower melt temperature,

Minimum pressure and melt temperature change,

Better dispersive mix,

Much better processing of regenerated or scrap materials.


Increasing the variety of plastic materials in extrusion and injection applications ...

In particular, glass fiber, calcite, reinforcing materials that cause high abrasive and corrosive wear ...

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All kinds of plasticization units that plastification machines need.


Plasticization units needed for the production of plastic products used by the infrastructure sector.


Plasticization units used in the processing of polymer materials used by the automotive sector.