Thanks to the self-cleaning new filtering system developed by us, it is now unnecessary to replace the filter at short intervals. Dirt accumulated in the filter are ejected through the system’s own melt flow at certain intervals, and thus the filter can be largely cleaned, without the need to replace the wire. Moreover, since the system in question, which runs during the production, runs without disturbing the normal flow line, time spent for filter wire replacement is recovered, leading to a significant increase in production efficiency. In addition to the properties of EFC series filter, EFC-B;

  • Has a reliable and effective self-cleaning mechanism, a property enabling maximum filter life, long filter replacement intervals and low filter cost.
  • Minimum pressure changes during self-cleaning and filter replacement stages,
  • 2-way melt flow channel.
  • Thanks to the backflush system, the usage life increases by 25 to 30 times
  • Offered with the automation system in the standard package.


Model Filter Diameter Filtering Area Filtering Capacity Control
(mm) (cm2 ) (kg/h)
EFC-B SERIES EFC-B 75 75 2x44 60-250 Hydraulic
EFC-B 100 100 2x78 150-420 Hydraulic
EFC-B 125 125 2x122 250-620 Hydraulic
EFC-B 150 150 2x176 400-1000 Hydraulic
EFC-B 175 175 2x240 500-1300 Hydraulic
NOTE: Capacity values in the table differ according to viscosity of the material, filter mesh dimension and contamination rate.


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