Thanks to uninterrupted filter, constant flow is enabled during filter replacement, without the process being subjected to any interruption. These filter systems have 2 flow channels and when the flow channels are contaminated, filter wire of one flow channel is cleaned first. In the meantime, it is not necessary for the machine to be switched off. The flow continues from the other channel. After the completion of the first filter cleaning, the initial flow position within the body is restored. Afterwards, the cleaning of the second flow channel is completed in the same manner and thus, the system is cleaned without any interruption.

  • The ability to replace filters without stopping the regular flow in the extruder,
  • Uninterrupted production thanks to 2-way melt flow channel,
  • Optimum transition efficiency for high and low-viscosity melts,
  • Perfect impermeability feature based on precise processing technology and design.
  • All pieces are produced according to ISO-9001 quality standards,
  • Simple and safe operation and low maintenance need
  • Maximum safety with its aesthetic housings,
  • Optional heat and pressure sensors and interconnection flanges


Model Filter Diameter Filtering Area Filtering Capacity Control
(mm) (cm2 ) (kg/h)
EFC SERIES EFC 75 75 2x44 60-250 Hydraulic
EFC 100 100 2x78 150-420 Hydraulic
EFC 125 125 2x122 250-620 Hydraulic
EFC 150 150 2x176 400-1000 Hydraulic
EFC 175 175 2x240 500-1300 control
NOTE: Capacity values in the table differ according to viscosity of the material, filter mesh dimension and contamination rate.


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