In extrusion applications, the barrel and screw require significant and precise alignment. Just like that, propulsion systems (reducer), heating resistance, and cooling units that is related to these and enables the movement of the system should work in harmony and enable the system flow so that it works in a way to meet the need of maximum efficiency.

As ENFORMAK, we design and manufacture barrel-screw and carry out the installation of all units (motor-frame-reducer, resistance, cooling fan…) to barrel and screw, and for the Extruder Sets, we provide the quality structure with its most economical way to users. It is produced especially for extruder applications.

  • Single body – horizontal axis type
  • Within cooling spiral
  • Production with sensitive processing, subjected to hardening process, stoned gears and roller bearing with long life.
  • Low noise level.




Increasing the variety of plastic materials in extrusion and injection applications ...

In particular, glass fiber, calcite, reinforcing materials that cause high abrasive and corrosive wear ...

Enformak, has been supporting the Turkey Plastic Industry since 1980...



All kinds of plasticization units that plastification machines need.


Plasticization units needed for the production of plastic products used by the infrastructure sector.


Plasticization units used in the processing of polymer materials used by the automotive sector.