Exporting more than 40 countries, Enformak has the most modern production factory in Turkey and important production facility in the Europe.

Having the title of Design Center in 2018 for the first and only company in the sector, Enformak exports 35 percent of its production to 40 countries including Germany, the USA, and Russia. We talked with Rıdvan Yılmaz, Marketing Manager of Enformak Inc, about the company and its products.

Can you talk about the inception of the company?

Since 1980, Enformak PT has been manufacturing barrel and screw groups for plastic processing machines. The company started its journey in a small workshop in Bayrampaşa, then moved to İkitelli and then to Beylikdüzü. Our factory is the most modern facility in Turkey and has important place in Europe. The company has been the pioneer thanks to its experience and innovation and R&D studies.

What are your products/services?

Our company mainly manufactures barrel and screw groups for plastic and elastomer processing machines. Also, we manufacture other auxiliary equipment used in the plastics processing industry, such as extruder filters, without compromising on quality. Our main groups are:

  • Injection barrel screws,
  • Single and double extruder barrel screws,
  • Rubber barrel screws,
  • Extruder melt filters


Also, in the light of nearly 40-year-old experience, we offer training in our customers’ company and in our offices to show our differences in the sector.

Where do you export your products? Can you provide information on your markets?

In the field of plastic processing, Turkey ranks second in Europe and seventh in the world. Turkey has an annual investment of nearly 6 billion in the plastic processing machines and has become one of the major players in Europe and the world.

We took firm steps to increase our market share in Turkey and abroad. Our export is around 35 percent while we export our products to 40 countries like Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Egypt, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Russia, Arabia, and the United States of America.

Why are your products and company preferred? Can you evaluate your product and service quality standards?

As of 2018, we are the first and only company in the sector to receive the title of Design Center. In accordance with the needs of our customers, we are able to offer solutions to their problems with special designs. Our technical competence and quality are instrumental in our preference within the sector. We know very well the soft-PVC, XLPE, HFFR, and other materials used by the cable industry; we design and manufacture barrel screws that process them most efficiently. For years, we are the best partner for many cable manufacturers in Turkey and abroad. We offer our products that we designed and produced because of know-how thanks to years of services to companies and help companies to have the best efficiency and the best quality. Rather than a vendor-buyer relationship, we provide technical support to our customers by establishing a solution partnership and establish a long-term relationship. Our company has adopted the principle of "quality first" and produces in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 Quality standards. Every piece we produce is inspected at every stage of production within the framework of ENFORMAK quality policy and thus, it is aimed to provide perfect product quality to customers.

Can you summarize the problems in the market as of today? What type of precautions do you take?

As we experience the fluctuation in the foreign exchange in these days, we continue our journey thanks to our robust financial structure, production without compromising the quality, and the export. Nonetheless, the economic difficulty experienced by some firms within the sector affects us indirectly as well. The fact that the cash flow will remain below the expected level is the issue we have experienced the most in recent years. We aim to minimize the impact of this situation by focusing on exports. We have been participating in the most important exhibitions of our sector for many years and can almost reach every region from all over the world.

We participate in NPE Fair in the United States, K Fair held in Germany and considered as the apex of the plastic sector in Europe, Plastavrasya held in Turkey, Interplastica in Russia, and Plastex in Egypt. In this way, we have the opportunity to introduce our quality to the whole world; by making good use of these opportunities, we minimize the level of exposure to problems in the local market.

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