Nowadays, high-efficiency, the improved raw material variety, the use highly abrasive additives in plastic processing, and needs such as operation at high speeds and long usage period, increase the number and level of necessities. Also, in order to achieve an uninterrupted process in plastic processing machines, the barrel screw design, material, and hardening processing should be accurately selected.

Enformak PT offers you all barrel designs to be used in extrusion and injection applications, with appropriate material and hardening options.


  • Single screw barrels
  • Barrels with groove feeding zone
  • Degassing Barrels
  • Double dimension recycling barrels
  • Water chiller barrels
  • Double screw barrels
  • Segmented double screw barrels
  • Bi-metal barrels

Abrasion and Corrosion resistant rollers and shingle pieces .


Barrel Production Parameters Single Barrel Double Barrel Tool Steel
Inner Diameter  (mm) 16-250 30-160 16-100
Length  (mm) 4500 4500 1500
Note: The lengths given indicate values, which may be processed as single-piece. Longer barrels can be produced as multi-piece objects.


Increasing the variety of plastic materials in extrusion and injection applications ...

In particular, glass fiber, calcite, reinforcing materials that cause high abrasive and corrosive wear ...

Enformak, has been supporting the Turkey Plastic Industry since 1980...



All kinds of plasticization units that plastification machines need.


Plasticization units needed for the production of plastic products used by the infrastructure sector.


Plasticization units used in the processing of polymer materials used by the automotive sector.