Deep Drilling

We drill deep holes in your cylindrical parts from 20mm diameter to 160mm diameter and up to 4000mm length in the middle or outside of the middle.

PTA Hard Coating

By using PTA (Plasma Transfer Arc) method, we provide coating with hard alloy powder resistant to corrosion.

Stoning Concave Convex

NC controlled cylindrical, concave and convex grinding up to 630mm diameter and 4000mm length.


Prepared by our R & D and Technical team with superior design capability and experience ...

Today, high efficiency, developing raw material variety, high abrasiveness in plastic processing ...

Extruder Gearboxes, Shut-off Nozzles, Static Mixers, Extrusion Machines ...


Understanding the Problem

The first stage of our service standards is to understand the customer's problem or problems correctly.


Every problem that is understood correctly is solved by a professional.

Application and Analysis

The solutions presented are put into practice and the results are analyzed and absolute truth is reached.