Enformak’s barrel and screws, which are manufactured for injection and extrusion machines that transformers thermoplastic and rubber raw materials into various products, are designed in a way to provide high efficiency, optimal melt flow, and excellent product quality and require low energy and are produced with special steels and ideal heat treatment.

Thanks to 35-year-old experience of Enformak PT and technical team aiming for continuous development and improvement, we take into account your expectation in raw material, we design special barrel and screws for your process by using our information and accumulation to perfect your production.

While we can carry out little improvements on your current barrel and screws, we can also provide our designs by taking into account your process, working conditions, and equipment (motor, reducer information, etc.) and prioritizing your requests (melt quality, mixture quality, capacity, etc.) so that you can realize the optimum product. Our research and development department is ready to provide the best solution based on raw material, flow properties, heat conditions, and properties desired at the final product (mechanic, thermal, and optic).



Prepared by our R & D and Technical team with superior design capability and experience ...

Today, high efficiency, developing raw material variety, high abrasiveness in plastic processing ...

Extruder Gearboxes, Shut-off Nozzles, Static Mixers, Extrusion Machines ...


Understanding the Problem

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Application and Analysis

The solutions presented are put into practice and the results are analyzed and absolute truth is reached.