Like new or better…

Our experienced technical team controls barrel, screw, and other equipment that work inefficient way for various reasons and do not fulfill their duties at desired quality or are totally useless in injection and extrusion practices; and our team compile report whether these parts can be repair or newly manufactured. This information is notified to our users.

Thanks to our archive that records our customers’ project and product details, we can keep track of parts’ repair or renewal periods. This helps us to provide accurate and clear information within short period of time and also helps us to convey information on our equipment so that customers can take necessary precaution.

If products can be repaired, we can make these products like new or better in most cases thanks to our special counters and production-processing technologies.

Screw Repair

We fill over pitches with different alloys from Fe, Co or Ni and use wear and corrosion resistance high mini U17 in our CNC-controlled special PTA (Plasma Transfer Ark) counter for ineffective, scratched, wounded, broken or damaged pitch screws if they are found to be repairable, and we bring them to the nominal diameter with stoning. After these steps, screws are subjected to heat processing to harden it.

Barrel Repair

We process barrels which were eroded, scratched, wounded, broken, and enlarged diameter with special deep cut, enlargement and honing counter if they are found to be repaired, and they are subjected to heat process to harden it. Appropriate screw in line with the diameter of renewed barrel hole is prepared or new screw is manufactured.

If there is erosion beyond certain limits and appears at the entry or exit section not affecting the barrel itself all together, bend manufactured through surface hardened nitration steel or tool steel with full cross-section hardness in heat treatment is placed over this region, and the barrel is revised.

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Understanding the Problem

The first stage of our service standards is to understand the customer's problem or problems correctly.


Every problem that is understood correctly is solved by a professional.

Application and Analysis

The solutions presented are put into practice and the results are analyzed and absolute truth is reached.