Technical Support

Corrosion Control

Thanks to detailed corrosion control report, we inform you about the corrosion condition of your current barrel and screws so that you can allocate finance and carry out feasibility works.  We determine the most suitable solutions for the condition of your barrel and screw and your working conditions, and we act together.

Assessment and Solution Suggestions

We evaluate your feedback on barrels and screws whether they are produced by Enformak or not, and we provide the most suitable barrel and screw suggestions in line with your working conditions and expectations.

Measurement and Control

Do you want to change or backup your current barrel and screw? We take detailed measure of your current barrel and screw whether they are produced by Enformak or not; and then we manufacture the same products; and if you are not happy with these products, we manufacture the best ideal barrel and screw with our design consultancy that will match your working conditions.

Installment Escort, Start-Up and Briefing

We accompany you during the installment of your Enformak production barrel and screws and provide you the most accurate assembly. During the start-up, we provide information on the adaptation of new barrel and screws and future possible developments.

Seminar and Training Support

Enformak PT offer training thanks to its experience. On agreed dates, we can offer training in our seminar rooms or we offer tailored training to your company on barrel, screw, and polymer process and answer your questions.

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Today, high efficiency, developing raw material variety, high abrasiveness in plastic processing ...

Extruder Gearboxes, Shut-off Nozzles, Static Mixers, Extrusion Machines ...


Understanding the Problem

The first stage of our service standards is to understand the customer's problem or problems correctly.


Every problem that is understood correctly is solved by a professional.

Application and Analysis

The solutions presented are put into practice and the results are analyzed and absolute truth is reached.