Single Extrusion
and Injection Barrels

Both nitrided barrels made of nitriding steels or spin casted bimetallic highly wear resistant barrels can be supplied by Enformak. Thanks to our state of art machining centers, Enformak can meet your every need related to plastification unit in the best way, even if it’s a complex barrel shape.

In extrusion technology, for feeding of the hard-to-feed, high molecular weight polyolefin materials or crushed, scrap materials, we offer grooved, forced-feed barrels that contain deep conical channels at the raw material intake zone and spiral cooling channels close to the inner surface.

Grooved feeding provides;

  • Almost 60-70% higher capacity
  • Counter pressure independent output rate
  • Higher output stability


Increasing the variety of the raw materials used in the plastic injection production, meeting high pressure and high speed pressing requirements, maintaining the advantages of the injection technology and removing the possible subsequent disadvantages may only be possible by using the correctly selected materials, hardening methods and designs. Enformak will help you to choose the optimum material and protection required for your process from its diversity of material and hardening options.


Increasing the variety of plastic materials in extrusion and injection applications ...

In particular, glass fiber, calcite, reinforcing materials that cause high abrasive and corrosive wear ...

Enformak, has been supporting the Turkey Plastic Industry since 1980...



All kinds of plasticization units that plastification machines need.


Plasticization units needed for the production of plastic products used by the infrastructure sector.


Plasticization units used in the processing of polymer materials used by the automotive sector.