Nowadays, increasing the variety of plastic materials and subsequent use of additives with high abrasive and corrosive effects, glass fiber, calcite, colorants, etc., shorten the life of standard barrel. And it will cost precious time and money because there will a need for barrels within short intervals.

With bimetallic barrels, they have high resistance to wear and corrosion and meet the requirements for barrels with longer life; and you can work in longer period without the loss of quality and production.

Barrels made of steels with higher pressure resistance turns into bimetallic by coating inside of barrel with special alloy materials having high wear and corrosion resistance.

Thanks to this feature, which can be applied to all barrels including extrusion and injection, barrels hardened with standard nitration have a hardness depth of 0,2-0,6 mm while this layer is 2 - 4 mm in bimetallic barrels and their life is 2-3 times longer than that of standard barrels.

It has three different alloy options: Fe-Cr based, Ni-Co based, and Ni-based. Thanks to these different options, you can choose different coating based on usage and need and minimize the corrosive and abrasive effects.



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