Providing its service since 1980 to Turkish Plastic Industry, Enformak increased its experience within years and its capabilities thanks to new and modern production equipments added to its factory. That’s why the company reached the level of capacity and quality that compete with European level. Guiding the sector in the use of technology, Enformak feel the honor that it reflects the speed and quality which were brought by the modern production to its customers.

CNC Deep Driling Counter

ENFORMAK uses CNC Deep Driling Counter which has been used for drilling inside the barrel and honing for the first time in Turkey. Thanks to the CNC controlled deep driling machine that can produce faster and more precisely, it provides great ease and precision especially in the production of double barrels. Our machine, which provides maximum efficiency in production processes with high drilling and enlargement speed, provides excellent surface quality thanks to its honing process performed at high speed. In this counter, the workpiece is fixed unlike the turning lathe, and drilling, enlarging and honing are carried out by moving heads. In this way, all dimensions, especially the barrel and screw axis linearity, can be processed at H7 tolerance. Also, the holes are enlarged in the direction of backward not forward. In this way, the distance between center axes that is very important in the double barrel and screw system is processed at the full scale and faultlessly.






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