Research and Development
and Engineering

Due to the globalization, constantly developing technology, and deteriorated competition conditions, intensive and continuous R&D studies on strategic technologies and products of the future became inevitable. Our research and development department are busy with exlopring the unknown, scientific technological activities for development, improvement of current information and technology with new arrangements. Basic elements like the increase of production speed, improvement of quality, and lowering costs have guided the R&D department while the department is aware of the fact that the application and development of high technology will bring the competition advantage.

Enformak R&D team generalizes its applied research and engineering works that will shape future technologies for products with new and superior performance.

In these studies carried out with the project approach, our expert team on engineering and analysis subjects carries out the following tasks:

  • Production design, planning, quality control,
  • Solvin the production problems
  • Development of new technologies

Our team has gained rich technology and know-how in the 30-year-old production process; thanks to superior design capabilities, we can meet the needs of all customers ranging from basic to complex products and guide the plastic processing sector with ENFORMAK documented designs.

Utility Model Certified Designs;

  • TR 1998 00317 Y (Plastic processing machine barrel to produce granul from PVC-W powder)
  • TR 1998 00318 Y (Plastic processing machine screw to produce cables and profiles from PVC-W and LDPE granules)
  • TR 1998 00319 Y (Plastic processing machine screw to produce pipes and profiles from PVC-H powder)
  • TR 1998 00320 Y (Decompression type of screw for plastic processing machines)
  • TR 1998 00322 Y (Mixer rocket group for plastic injection machines)
  • TR 1998 00559 Y (Plastic processing machine screw for barrels
  • at Øx30D lenght)
  • TR 1998 00600 Y (Plastic processing machine screw for barrels at Øx35D lenght)
  • TR 1998 00601 Y (Double hole barrels and double screws for plastic processing machines)

ENFORMAK R&D department determines the equipment needs following raw material and final product enrichment in the plastic processing sector, and studies on high-featured metal material selection, designs that meets the need optimally, wear resistant filler or coating feature, and the most ideal heat treatment techniques, and improvement as technological and scientific way continues at full speed.

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Our sustainability approach; It is based on four basic principles: Technology, Quality, Design and R & D.


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