Screw Barrels

For a proper working of twin screw extruder, the precisely machined barrel has a big importance. Axis distance between the holes, parallelism, linearity and the diameters of the holes has very tight tolerances. The twin barrel production process developed by Enformak ensures the highest sensitivity for twin barrel’s production. Complete finishing of the twin barrel’s holes is made with one installation.

Standard Twin barrels are made of nitride steels, but Enformak can provide higher protection for abrasives such as highly Calcium Carbonate filled applications or WPC applications.  Please contact us for more information.


Increasing the variety of plastic materials in extrusion and injection applications ...

In particular, glass fiber, calcite, reinforcing materials that cause high abrasive and corrosive wear ...

Enformak, has been supporting the Turkey Plastic Industry since 1980...



All kinds of plasticization units that plastification machines need.


Plasticization units needed for the production of plastic products used by the infrastructure sector.


Plasticization units used in the processing of polymer materials used by the automotive sector.